What do our staff say?
I love the variety of opportunities I have been given at RAW to really make a difference.

You know you are exactly where you're meant to be when someone thanks you for being present and sitting with them through some of the toughest times in their life.
Ash Steele
My passion lies with the fishing industry with involvement also in timber which provides me with a good balance with plenty of variety.

BUT, most of all, the greatest satisfaction in my role comes when you walk away after having that possible life-changing chat with a participant who was really struggling when their mental health and well-being.

You can tell you’ve made a difference when at the end they are feeling a little more positive about enjoying life more.
And once you build that rapport and trust, you'll see their journey increment for the better, just by reaching out regularly and being by their side.
Mark Wright
For those on the land in rural communities, life is challenging, with highs and lows each day.

Being able to have an understanding of these challenges, as I also live in these communities allows me to provide authentic and genuine solutions to help not only individuals but the community.

Our program is unique and not based in four walls as we can go to those in their own environment where they are comfortable is an absolute privilege to me.

Being a part of an organisation that provides practical and tangible interventions is rewarding and I get to see first-hand the impact and difference our program makes.
Kristy Mayne
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