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Mental health and suicide is a public health issue that requires a combined effort from all levels of government, health care systems, frontline health, community workers, workplaces, schools and other educational settings, community groups and the media, as well as individuals, families and communities.

The Friends of RAW network has been created in consultation with key industry stakeholders, to address an unmet need from frontline workers experiencing individuals sharing the harsh impact of situational stressors and mental health challenges.

The network is designed to empower individuals to bridge the gap and be a conduit to connecting people to RAW’s support services.

What's involved?

The Friends of RAW network is designed to equip and empower frontline workers out in the field.

Initial commitment:

- Group training induction (half day)

On-going commitment:

- Monthly online check-ins

- Quarterly online training (2- 3 hours max per session)

- Quarterly catch up's (face-to-face and/ or online Networking opportunities amongst group members and industry stakeholders)

Who can join?

We are looking for:

- Individuals who regularly engage with rural, remote and primary industry workers

- Individuals who work alongside rural, remote and primary industry community members (eg: field service workers)

- Individuals who find themselves engaging in indirect conversations around mental health and wellbeing

- People looking to be in a networking group with RAW

What kind of training is delivered?

Training delivered is tailored towards the situations being experiences day to day by people within the network.

Being a part of the network helps members be eyes and ears for RAW, to help increase capacity to support a greater amount of people through acting as a referral conduit.

This means that we want to ensured that members are equipped to deal with situations they may find themselves in.

We have likely each experienced someone wanting to talk about anything but the topic at hand, and often in rural and remote communities, conversations like suicidality, isolation and mental health are often bestowed on the front-line staff who have already built such a genuine and regular rapport.

Topics include, but are not exclusive to:

- Understanding situational stressors

- Recognising the signs

- Boundaries

- Engaging in safe conversations

- Referring to RAW support services

Topics will change and be adapted to the situations being experienced in real-time by network members.

What kind of support is there for me?

Through being a part of the Friend of RAW network, you will have regular access to RAW's support and help. You will also be a part of supporting your local community get the support they need during their challenging seasons.

*please note that this network does not replace your workplace EAP services or management. We will work in conjunction with you and your employer to ensure they understand the network's boundaries and purpose.

If you have any queries directly related to this please contact Lauren.

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